Q  I want to support our veterans and veterans service organizations, charities, and foundations that support our veterans, but I don’t have a lot of time to deal with changing my merchant services provider. How long does it take to change to Empower so I can participate?

A  It takes only about 15 minutes to complete all the necessary paperwork. Once the application and required documents are received, we take care of the rest. Expect the entire process to take about 1-2 business days. If you currently have a merchant account, at no time will you be unable to accept credit cards.


Q  Do I have to buy or lease another credit card terminal?

A  In most cases, your current credit card terminal can be reprogrammed with an Empower Processing account. In the event your current equipment is not PCI Compliant, is proprietary to your current processor, or is just in need of an upgrade due to heavy usage, we will be able to provide terminal options at a competitive price.


Q  Will I be able to deduct my share of the donation as a charitable deduction on my income taxes?

A  No, but you may deduct your total processing fees as an operating expense for your business. Please check with your tax advisor or CPA for additional information.


Q  How much will it cost me to change my processing to Empower?

A  There is no cost from Empower for you to change merchant services providers.


Q  Are there hidden costs or fees that I’ll be assessed to participate?

A  No. All fees which affect your merchant account are clearly shown on the application. In almost every instance, Empower will be able to either match or lower your current pricing.


Q  Are there limitations on the kinds of businesses that can participate in the Empower program?

A  Most merchants that accepts credit or debit cards as payment may participate. Ask your sales representative for Empower’s guidelines and limitations.


Q  How often does Empower forward the donations to the selected veteran organizations?

A  Empower makes its donations on a monthly basis.


Q  How long will Empower donate to these veteran service organizations, charities, and foundations?

A  Empower will donate as long as a business has a merchant account with us.


Q  Will my customers know that I am supporting our veterans?

A  Empower provides window decals to show your support and advertise your participation.


Q  How will I know what has been donated to the participating veteran service organizations, charities, and foundations?

A  Visit our website (www.empowerourveterans.com) for monthly updates to the total amount donated by Empower and our participating merchants.


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